Code Signing for AWS IoT
Developer Guide

Create a Destination Amazon S3 Bucket

The following procedure explains how to create an Amazon S3 bucket to which code signing for AWS IoT can write your signed code. For more information, see Create a Bucket in the Amazon S3 Getting Started Guide.

To create a destination Amazon S3 bucket for your code signing code

  1. Sign into the AWS Management Console at

  2. Choose the S3 service.

  3. Choose Create Bucket.

  4. For Bucket name, enter a unique DNS-compliant name.

  5. Choose the region where you want your bucket to reside. The destination bucket must be in the same region as the one where you start your signing job. Also, this must be one of the Supported Regions.

  6. Choose Next.

  7. On the Set properties page, choose Next.

  8. On the Set permissions page, choose Next.

  9. Review your choices on the Review page. Choose Create bucket if you are satisfied with your input. Choose Previous to start over.