Privacy and data in AWS Builder ID - AWS Sign-In

Privacy and data in AWS Builder ID

The AWS Privacy Notice outlines how we handle your personal data. For information on how to delete your AWS Builder ID profile, see Delete your AWS Builder ID.

Requesting your data

We are transparent about your data and privacy. You can request and view the data that AWS Builder ID stores about you.

To request your data
  1. Sign in to your AWS Builder ID profile at

  2. Choose Privacy & data.

  3. On the Privacy & data page, under Your AWS Builder ID data, choose Request your data.

  4. A green confirmation message appears at the top of the page that we received your request and will complete it within 30 days.

  5. When you receive an email from us that the request has been processed, navigate back to the Privacy & data page of your AWS Builder ID profile. Choose the newly available button Download ZIP archive with your data.