Do Not Track - Amazon Silk

Do Not Track

Amazon Silk supports the Do Not Track (DNT) header request field, an HTTP header field that specifies a user preference about data collection. Many websites collect information about user browsing behavior, and with the DNT field users can opt out of such data collection.

To locate the DNT option
  1. From the Silk browser, tap the menu icon, and then tap Settings.

  2. Tap Privacy, and then tap 'Do Not Track'.

  3. You can turn DNT on or off.

Amazon Silk users configure their DNT preferences on the device, and these preferences are then communicated in the HTTP request header in the DNT field. A DNT header with a value of 1 indicates that the user prefers not to allow the target site to track the user's browsing behavior. A DNT header with a value of 0 indicates that the user has the default setting, which allows the target site to track the user's browsing behavior.

Here's a W3C example of an HTTP header with the DNT field set to 1:

GET /something/here HTTP/1.1 Host: DNT: 1

The Do Not Track standard also allows for a window property to detect Do Not Track status inside JavaScript or other dynamic site content. Amazon Silk supports this property and will set it if the user has expressed a Do Not Track preference. The property is navigator.doNotTrack, and it will be set to “yes” if the user has selected Do Not Track, and “no” (the default) if the user has decided to permit tracking.

Note that the W3C specification for DNT behavior defines request and response headers for communicating tracking preferences, but it does not require sites to respect an expressed user preference.

Additional Resources

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