Getting Started with Amazon Silk - Amazon Silk

Getting Started with Amazon Silk

Are You an Amazon Silk User?

If you're an Amazon Silk user, and you want a more general introduction to Silk, see Accessing the User Guide.

Are You a Site Owner?

This guide provides an overview of the Amazon Silk web browser, with a focus on features and behaviors that are relevant to site owners and web developers. If you're wondering how to optimize your content for Silk, this is the place to start. If you're wondering about supported features and standards, you can find that information here too.

For tips on developing and optimizing web content for Silk, see the sections below:

  • This section, Getting Started with Amazon Silk, describes the Silk Settings menu and some of the configuration options available. Here you can learn about the options Silk users have for customizing the browsing experience.

  • At Developing Web Content for Amazon Silk, you'll find information on media handling, screen resolution, the Silk user agent string, and other topics relevant to web development and content optimization.

  • At HTML5 Support, you'll find an introduction to many of the HTML5 and CSS3 features supported by Silk. You'll also find markup and examples to give you an idea of how Silk implements W3C standards.