Configuration and vulnerability analysis in AWS SimSpace Weaver - AWS SimSpace Weaver

Configuration and vulnerability analysis in AWS SimSpace Weaver

Configuration and IT controls are a shared responsibility between AWS and you. For more information, see the AWS shared responsibility model. AWS handles basic security tasks for the underlying infrastructure, such as patching the operating system on compute instances, firewall configuration, and AWS infrastructure disaster recovery. These procedures have been reviewed and certified by the appropriate third parties. For more details, see Best Practices for Security, Identity, and Compliance.

You are responsible for the security of your simulation software:

  • Maintain your app code, including updates and security patches.

  • Authenticate and encrypt communication between your simulation clients and the apps they connect to.

  • Update your simulations to use the latest SDK versions, including the AWS SDK and SimSpace Weaver app SDK.


SimSpace Weaver doesn't support updates to apps in a running simulation. If you need to update your apps, you must stop and delete the simulation, then create a new simulation with the updated app code. We recommend that you save the simulation state in an external data store so that you can restore it if you need to recreate the simulation.