InvalidBucketName - AWS SimSpace Weaver


You might receive the following error while creating a project:

An error occurred (InvalidBucketName) when calling the CreateBucket operation: The specified bucket is not valid.

You received this error because the name that SimSpace Weaver passed to Amazon Simple Storage Service violated bucket naming rules (for more information, see Bucket naming rules in the Amazon Simple Storage Service User Guide).

The create-project script in the SimSpace Weaver app SDK creates bucket names using the project name that you provide to the script. The bucket names use the following formats:

  • weaver-lowercase-project-name-account-number-app-zips-region

  • weaver-lowercase-project-name-account-number-schemas-region

For example, given the following project properties:

  • Project name: MyProject

  • AWS account number: 111122223333

  • AWS Region: us-west-2

The project would have the following buckets:

  • weaver-myproject-111122223333-app-zips-us-west-2

  • weaver-myproject-111122223333-schemas-us-west-2

Your project name must not violate the Amazon S3 naming rules. You must also use a project name that is short enough so that the bucket names created by the create-project script do not exceed the name length limit for Amazon S3 buckets.