Example use cases for SimSpace Weaver - AWS SimSpace Weaver

Example use cases for SimSpace Weaver

You can use SimSpace Weaver for agent-based models and discrete time step simulations with a spatial component.

Create large crowd simulations

You can use SimSpace Weaver to simulate crowds in real-world environments. SimSpace Weaver enables you to scale your simulations to millions of dynamic objects with their own behaviors.

Create city-scale environments

Use SimSpace Weaver to create a digital twin of an entire city. Create simulations for city planning, to design traffic routing, and to plan environmental hazard response. You can use your own geospatial data sources as the building blocks for your environments.

Create immersive and interactive experiences

Create simulation experiences that multiple users can participate and interact in. Use popular development tools such as Unreal Engine and Unity to build 3-dimensional (3D) virtual worlds. Customize your 3D experience with your own content and behaviors.