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Release read locks after processing SubscriptionChangeList

When you begin an update, there are shared memory segments for the committed data in other partitions for the previous tick. These shared memory segments might be locked by readers. An app can’t fully commit until all the readers have released the locks. As an optimization, an app should call Api::ReleaseReadLeases() to release the locks after processing Api::SubscriptionChangelist items. This reduces contention at commit time. Api::Commit() releases the read leases by default, but it's a best practice to manually release them after processing subscription updates.

Result<void> ProcessSubscriptionChanges(Transaction& transaction) { WEAVERRUNTIME_TRY(ProcessSubscriptionChanges(transaction)); /** * Done processing Api::SubscriptionChangeList items. * Release read locks. */ WEAVERRUNTIME_EXPECT(Api::ReleaseReadLeases(transaction)); ... }