Update a simulation - AWS SimSpace Weaver

Update a simulation

Use the following BeginUpdate functions to update the app:

  • Result<Transaction> BeginUpdate(Application& app)

  • Result<bool> BeginUpdateWillBlock(Application& app) – tells you if BeginUpdate() will block or not block.

Use Result<void> Commit(Transaction& txn) to commit the changes.

Result<void> AppDriver::RunSimulation(Api::Application app) noexcept { while (true) { { bool willBlock; do { WEAVERRUNTIME_TRY(willBlock, Api::BeginUpdateWillBlock(m_app)); } while (willBlock); } WEAVERRUNTIME_TRY(Transaction transaction, Api::BeginUpdate(app)); /** * Simulate app. */ WEAVERRUNTIME_TRY(Simulate(transaction)); WEAVERRUNTIME_TRY(Api::Commit(std::move(transaction))); } return Success(); }