Debugging local simulations - AWS SimSpace Weaver

Debugging local simulations

You can debug your SimSpace Weaver Local apps with Microsoft Visual Studio. For more information about how to debug with Visual Studio, see the Microsoft Visual Studio documentation.

To debug your local simulation
  1. Make sure that your schema.yaml is in your working directory.

  2. In Visual Studio, open the context menu for each app that you want to debug (such as PathfindingSampleLocalSpatial or PathfindingSampleLocalView) and set the working directory in the debugging section.

  3. Open the context menu for the app you want to debug and select Set as Startup project.

  4. Choose F5 to start debugging the app.

The requirements to debug a simulation are the same as the requirements to run a simulation normally. You must start the number of spatial apps specified in the schema. For example, if your schema specifies a 2x2 grid and you start a spatial app in debug mode, the simulation will not run until you start 3 more spatial apps (in debug mode or not in debug mode).

To debug a custom app, you must first start your spatial apps and then start the custom app in the debugger.

Note that your simulation runs in lock step. As soon as an app reaches a breakpoint, all other apps will pause. After you continue from that breakpoint, the other apps will continue.