Developing client applications - AWS SimSpace Weaver

Developing client applications

Some of the reasons you might want to connect a client to a simulation include:

  • Inject real-time traffic information into a city-scale simulation.

  • Create human-in-the-loop simulations, where a human operator controls some aspect of the simulation.

  • Make it possible for users to interact with the simulation, such as for a training simulation.

The custom apps in these examples act as the interface between the simulation state and the outside world. Clients connect to the custom apps to interact with the simulation.

SimSpace Weaver doesn't handle the client applications and their communication with your custom apps. You're responsible for the design, creation, operation, and security of your client applications and their communication with your custom apps. SimSpace Weaver only exposes an IP address and port number for each of your custom apps so that clients can connect to them.

The SimSpace Weaver app SDK provides clients for its sample application. You can use these clients as models for your own client applications. You can find the source code for the sample application clients in the following folder:


We provide these instructions for your convenience. They are for use with Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), and are unsupported. For more information, see Set up your local environment for SimSpace Weaver.


For more information about building and using the sample application clients, see Step 5: View your simulation of the quick start tutorial in this guide.