Customizing the AWS access portal URL - AWS IAM Identity Center

Customizing the AWS access portal URL

By default, you can access the AWS access portal by using a URL that follows this format: You can customize the URL as follows: If you change the AWS access portal URL, you can't edit it later.

To customize your URL
  1. Sign in to your AWS access portal. For more information, see How to sign in to the AWS access portal.

  2. In the IAM Identity Center console, choose Dashboard in the navigation pane and locate the Settings summary.

  3. Choose the Customize button for AWS access portal below the AWS access portal URL.


    If the Customize button is not displayed, this means that the AWS access portal has been modified in the past. This URL can only be modified once.

  4. Enter your desired domain name and choose Save.

You can now sign in to the AWS Console through your AWS access portal with your customized URL.