Signing up in the AWS access portal - AWS IAM Identity Center (successor to AWS Single Sign-On)

Signing up in the AWS access portal

When you sign up for an AWS account, you create a personal or business account. This helps us determine what information we need to collect during sign-up.

To sign up for AWS
  1. Under Root user email address, enter your email address. For information about security best practices, see Getting Started: Follow Security Best Practices as You Configure Your AWS Resources .

  2. AWS account name auto-fills with your email domain.

  3. Choose Verify email address. We then send a verification code to your email address.


    Email from the IAM Identity Center service comes from the address We recommend that you configure your mail system so that it accepts email from this address and does not treat it as junk or spam.

    You might receive a different email from us if there is a problem creating your account. Review this email and follow its instructions to correct the problem.

  4. Under Verification code, enter the code that you received. Then choose Verify.

  5. Under Root user password, enter a password containing 8-20 characters, numbers, and both uppercase and lowercase letters. Under Confirm root user password, enter your password again. Choose Continue.

  6. Under How do you plan to use AWS?, choose Business - for your work, school, or organization or Personal - for your own projects, based on your account needs.

  7. Under Contact information, provide the required information. Choose the I have read and agree to the terms of the AWS Customer Agreement check box. Then choose Continue.

  8. Under Billing information, provide the required information. Choose Verify.

  9. Under Identity Verification, choose either Phone call or SMS and enter your phone number.

    1. If you selected Phone call, you receive a verification code on your screen and a phone call. Enter this code on the phone's keypad.

    2. If you selected SMS, you receive a text with a verification code. Enter this code in the field provided.

  10. Under Select a support plan, choose the support plan that best meets your personal or business needs. Choose Complete sign up. You’re taken to a page that confirms we are activating your account. Choose Let’s go!