Release notes - AWS Service Management Connector

Release notes

Version 1.9.0 of the AWS Service Management Connector for Jira Service Management introduces an integration with AWS Support.

AWS Support

  • Configure dual synchronization of AWS Support cases with Jira Service Management incidents.

  • View, create, resolve and add correspondences to Support tickets directly from Jira Incident.

AWS Security Hub integration

  • Configure synchronization of AWS Security Hub Findings within Jira Service Management.

  • Create, view, investigate and resolve AWS Security Hub Findings as Jira issues.

  • View updates from synced security Findings Jira Issues in AWS Security Hub.

This version also includes prior AWS Service Management Connector features for Jira Service Management features.

AWS Service Catalog

  • Render AWS Service Catalog portfolios and products in the Jira Service Management Customer Portal and Jira Agent views.

  • Associate Jira Service Management approval groups to AWS Service Catalog portfolios to require approvals for Jira Service Management user product requests.

  • Assign the default Jira user that the Jira workflow engine uses.

  • Configure AWS product request form components available for end users to view.

  • Create AWS Tags across provisioned products.

  • View AWS specific parameters on EC2 resources, such as Availability Zones, Image ID, Instance Id, KeyPair, Security Group, and VPC.

AWS Config

  • Render AWS Config configuration item details on provisioned AWS products through Jira Service Management request.

  • View the configuration item relationships in a tree structure.

  • Associate AWS Config items details to Jira issues.

AWS Systems Manager Automation

  • Render AWS Systems Manager automation documents in the Jira Service Management Customer Portal and Jira Agent views.

  • Request and execute AWS Systems Manager automation documents through Jira Service Management.

  • Create Jira issues (incidents) that provide actionable remediation suggestions through a Connector-specific AWS Systems Manager automation document.

AWS Systems Manager OpsCenter

  • Create and update a Jira Issue when you create and update an operational item (OpsItem) in AWS Systems Manager OpsCenter.

  • Update OpsItems in AWS Systems Manager OpsCenter when you update the Jira issue in Jira Service Management.

  • View and execute automation runbooks to resolve OpsItems and view execution results from the Jira Issue.

  • Support multiple AWS accounts.

  • Support FIPS endpoints and usage in the AWS GovCloud East and GovCloud West Regions.

  • Support the latest releases of Jira Service Management Server and data center versions.