Service management alignment - AWS Service Management Connector

Service management alignment

This Connector aligns to industry best practices such as ITIL®’s service management areas by enabling tools (services) with the intersection of people, processes and partners. The Connector also addresses a baseline set of service management practices customers use within existing operational tooling:

Service Management Area AWS service(s) integration

Service Catalog Management

Deployment Management (Provisioning)

AWS Service Catalog or AWS CloudFormation (Requesting and provisioning vetted or predictable products and performing post-provision actions)

Incident Management (ticketing)

AWS Support (AWS services or platform incidents)

AWS Systems Manager OpsCenter (Operational incidents derived or detected for solutions built on AWS platform)

AWS Security Hub (Incidents derived from security Findings)

AWS Systems Manager Incident Manager (Incidents generated according to response plans)

Service Configuration Management (CMDB) AWS Config(AWS resource or configuration items tracking and detective control compliance)
Change Enablement (management) AWS Systems Manager Change Manager (Standard changes with automated runbooks as implementation task(s))
Measurement & Reporting AWS Health Dashboard (Visibility into resource performance)