Pricing - AWS Service Management Connector


The AWS Service Management Connector for ServiceNow is a conventional ServiceNow scoped application developed and released through a ServiceNow Update Set. This application is free to download and use in your ServiceNow instance.

The certified version of the AWS Service Management Connector is available to install for free from the ServiceNow store.


AWS Service Management Connector (SMC) for ServiceNow uses security approved public APIs of the AWS service for all supported integrations. See the product pages of the AWS service to view pricing details. Contact the account manager or AWS Sales representatives for more information.


AWS Service Management Connector is a ServiceNow scoped application certified and released through the ServiceNow store. SMC includes custom tables as part of the connector for the various integrations. For more information on your custom table limits and cost implications, contact your ServiceNow account manager.

SMC has dependency on ServiceNow plugins for managing visibility of resources and aligning with ServiceNow best practices. For more information, see the plugin documentation in the table below.