Validating AWS Security Hub integration in ServiceNow - AWS Service Management Connector

Validating AWS Security Hub integration in ServiceNow

This section describes how to validate AWS Security Hub integration in ServiceNow.

To view Findings from AWS Security Hub

To view AWS Security Hub Findings, you must have the role, x_126749_aws_sc.finding_manager, from the Connector scope app.

  1. Log in to your ServiceNow instance as a user (for example, System Administrator) in the fulfiller view (standard user interface view).

  2. In the navigator, enter AWS Service Management.

  3. Choose AWS Security Hub.

  4. Choose Findings to show a list of all synced Findings.

  5. Choose a Finding to open the record.

  6. The Incident and Problem fields show the Incident and Problem related to the Finding if these exist.

  7. Choose the ⓘ symbol to the right of the field to preview the Incident or Problem.

  8. Choose Open Record on the preview form to open the Incident or Problem.

  9. If the Connector does not automatically create a ServiceNow Incident or Problem when a new Finding syncs, choose the link at the bottom of the form to create one manually.

This table shows how fields map from ServiceNow Findings records to ServiceNow as Incident or Problem records.

Finding Incident Problem
Created at Opened at Opened at
Company Name Company Company
Description Description Description
Criticality Impact Impact
Severity Urgency Urgency
Hardcoded to software Category Category
Id of record in cmdb_ci_service with name AWS Security Hub Business service Business service
Description Short description Short description
Reference to related Problem if it exists problem_id n/a

This table shows how fields synchronize between AWS Security Findings and ServiceNow Incidents or Problems.

AWS Security Hub value ServiceNow Incident ServiceNow Problem
Severity Label Urgency Urgency
Criticality Impact Impact

Fields synchronized between AWS Security Findings, Incidents, and Problems in ServiceNow

  • Finding severity label → Problem/Incident urgency




  • Finding criticality → Problem/Incident impact

    • 0 - 29 → LOW

    • 30 - 69 → MEDIUM

    • 70 - 100 → HIGH

Fields synchronized from Findings to AWS Security Hub

  • Severity (Label and Normalized)

  • WorkflowStatus