Check your registration status - Amazon Pinpoint SMS

Check your registration status

Your registration will be in one of these different statuses:

  • Closed – You deleted the resources and must also delete the registration for the number.

  • Complete – Your registration has been approved and you can start using the resource.

  • Created – Your registration is created but not submitted.

  • Deleted – Your registration has been deleted.

  • Reviewing – Your registration has been accepted and is being reviewed.

  • Requires Updates – You must fix your registration and resubmit it. See Edit your registration for more information. Fields that require updates display a warning icon and a brief description of the issue.

  • Submitted – Your registration has been submitted and is awaiting review.

Check your registration status
  1. Open the Amazon Pinpoint SMS console at

  2. In the navigation pane, under Configurations, choose Registrations.

  3. On the Registrations table, you can then view the registration Status of each registration.