Choose your notification preferences - AWS Snowball Edge Developer Guide

Choose your notification preferences

Notifications update you on the latest status of your AWS Snow Family devices jobs. You create an SNS topic and receive emails from Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) as your job status changes.

To set up notifications
  • In the Set notifications section, do one of the following:

    • If you want to use an existing SNS topic, choose Use an existing SNS topic, and choose the topic Amazon Resource Name (ARN) from the list.

    • If you want to create a new SNS topic, choose Create a new SNS topic. Enter a name for your topic and provide an email address.

Notifications will be about one of the following states of your job:

  • Job created

  • Preparing device

  • Preparing shipment

  • In transit to you

  • Delivered to you

  • In transit to AWS

  • At sorting facility

  • At AWS

  • Importing

  • Completed

  • Canceled

For more information about job status change notifications and encrpyted SNS topics, see Notifications for Snow Family devices in this guide.