AWS Snowball
Developer Guide

This guide is for the Snowball Edge. If you are looking for documentation for the Snowball, see the AWS Snowball User Guide.

AWS Snowball Edge Specifications

The following table outlines hardware specifications for the AWS Snowball Edge device.

Item Specification
Storage capacity 100 TB Snowballs have about 82 TB of usable space.
Data and network connections

Network connections:

  • 10 GBase-T – RJ45

  • 25 GB – SFP+

  • 40 GB – QSFP+

To use the AWS Snowball Edge device, you need your own network cables. For RJ45 cables, there are no specific recommendations. SFP+ and QSFP+ cables and modules from Mellanox and Finisar have been verified to be compatible with the device.

Cables Each AWS Snowball Edge device ships country-specific power cables. No other cables or optics are not provided.
Thermal requirements AWS Snowball Edge devices are designed for office operations, and are ideal for data center operations.
Decibel output On average, an AWS Snowball Edge device produces 68 decibels of sound, typically quieter than a vacuum cleaner or living-room music.
Weight 49.5 pounds (22.6 Kg)
Height 15.25 inches (386 mm)
Width 10.375 inches (259 mm)
Length 26.00 inches (671 mm)
Power In the US regions: NEMA 5–15p 100–220 volts. In all regions, a power cable is included.
Power consumption 400 watts
Voltage 100 – 240V AC
Frequency 47/63 Hz
Power conversion efficiency 89 – 92% at 25C, 230Vac
Temperature range 0 – 40°C (operational)
Non-Operational Vibration ASTM D4169 Truck Level I 0.73 GRMS
Non-Operational Shock Drop Test (12” all sides + 24” 1 side)
Non-operational Altitude 0 – 12,000 meters
Operational Altitude 0 to 3,000m (0 to 10,000’)

Supported Network Hardware

After you open the back panel of the AWS Snowball Edge device, you'll see the network ports shown in the following photograph.

                The available network ports.

These ports support the following network hardware.


This port provides a 10G/25G SFP28 interface compatible with SFP28 and SFP+ transceiver modules and direct-attach copper (DAC) cables. You need to provide your own transceivers or DAC cables.

  • For 10G operation, you can use any SFP+ option. Examples include:

    • 10Gbase-LR (single mode fiber) transceiver

    • 10Gbase-SR (multi-mode fiber) transceiver

    • SFP+ DAC cable

  • For 25G operation, you can use any SFP28 option. Examples include:

    • 25Gbase-LR (single mode fiber) transceiver

    • 25Gbase-SR (multi-mode fiber) transceiver

    • SFP28 DAC cable

                SFP+ Copper


This port provides a 40G QSFP+ interface compatible with QSFP+ transceiver modules and DAC cables. You need to provide your own transceivers or DAC cables. Examples include the following:

  • 40Gbase-LR4 (single mode fiber) transceiver

  • 40Gbase-SR4 (multi-mode fiber) transceiver




This port provides 1Gbase-TX/10Gbase-TX operation. It is connected via UTP cable terminated with a RJ45 connector.

1G operation is indicated by a blinking amber light. 1G operation is not recommended for large-scale data transfers to the Snowball Edge device, as it dramatically increases the time it takes to transfer data.

10G operation is indicated by a blinking green light. It requires a Cat6A UTP cable with a maximum operating distance of 180 feet (55 meters).


Network Converter for a Second Connection to the Snowball Edge

For applications requiring a second 10G BASE-T connection to the Snowball Edge, you can install an SFP+ to 10G BASE-T media converter module in the SFP+ port.

AWS has qualified the ProLabs model SFP-10G-T-NC media converter for this purpose. You can purchase this converter from Anixter, Graybar, and other distributors.

                ProLabs model SFP-10G-T-NC media converter

The following procedure outlines how to set up this media converter for use with a Snowball Edge.

To set up the media converter for use with a Snowball Edge

  1. Insert the module into the SFP+ port.

  2. Connect a Cat6A cable to the Snowball Edge and to your network.

  3. Restart the power for the Snowball Edge.


Remove the media converter before returning your Snowball Edge to AWS.