Create a task - AWS Snowcone User Guide

Create a task

To instruct one or more target devices to perform a task, such as unlocking or rebooting, use create-task. You specify target devices by providing a list of managed device IDs with the --targets parameter, and specify the tasks to perform with the --command parameter. Only a single command can be run on a device at a time.

Supported commands:

  • unlock (no arguments)

  • reboot (no arguments)

To create a task to be run by the target devices, use the following command. Replace each user input placeholder with your own information.


aws snow-device-management create-task --targets smd-fictbgr3rbcjeqa5 --command reboot={}


ValidationException ResourceNotFoundException InternalServerException ThrottlingException AccessDeniedException ServiceQuotaExceededException


{ "taskId": "st-ficthmqoc2pht111", "taskArn": "arn:aws:snow-device-management:us-west-2:000000000000:task/st-cjkwhmqoc2pht111" }