Check task metadata - AWS Snowcone User Guide

Check task metadata

To check the metadata for a given task on a device, use the describe-task command. The metadata for a task includes the following items:

  • The target devices

  • The status of the task

  • When the task was created

  • When data was last updated on the device

  • When the task was completed

  • The description (if any) that was provided when the task was created

To check a task's metadata, use the following command. Replace each user input placeholder with your own information.


aws snow-device-management describe-task \ --task-id st-ficthmqoc2pht111


ValidationException ResourceNotFoundException InternalServerException ThrottlingException AccessDeniedException


{ "completedAt": "2021-07-22T15:29:46.758000+00:00", "createdAt": "2021-07-22T15:28:42.613000+00:00", "lastUpdatedAt": "2021-07-22T15:29:46.758000+00:00", "state": "COMPLETED", "tags": {}, "targets": [ "smd-fictbgr3rbcje111" ], "taskId": "st-ficthmqoc2pht111", "taskArn": "arn:aws:snow-device-management:us-west-2:000000000000:task/st-ficthmqoc2pht111" }