List available resources - AWS Snowcone User Guide

List available resources

To return a list of the AWS resources available for a device, use the list-device-resources command. To filter the list by a specific type of resource, use the --type parameter. Currently, Amazon EC2 instances are the only supported resource type. --max-results and --next-token are optional. For more information, see Using AWS CLI pagination options in the "AWS Command Line Interface User Guide".

To list the available resources for a device, use the following command. Replace each user input placeholder with your own information.


aws snow-device-management list-device-resources \ --managed-device-id smd-fictbgr3rbcje111 \ --type AWS::EC2::Instance --next-token YAQGPwAT9l3wVKaGYjt4yS34MiQLWvzcShe9oIeDJr05AT4rXSprqcqQhhBEYRfcerAp0YYbJmRT= --max-results 10


ValidationException InternalServerException ThrottlingException AccessDeniedException


{ "resources": [ { "id": "s.i-84fa8a27d3e15e111", "resourceType": "AWS::EC2::Instance" } ] }