Understanding the AWS Snowcone Ordering Process - AWS Snowcone User Guide

Understanding the AWS Snowcone Ordering Process

There are two options when ordering an AWS Snowcone. You can order through the AWS Snow Family Management Console or you can use the job management API (JMAPI).

Understanding the Shipping Process

In this section you will find information about how shipping is handled for an AWS Snowcone device, and a list AWS Regions that are supported. For information about supported Regions and endpoints, see AWS Snow Family endpoints and quotas in the AWS General Reference. The shipping rate you choose for a job applies to sending and receiving the Snowcone device used for that job. For information about shipping charges, see AWS Snowcone pricing.


Snowcone devices can only be used to import or export data within the AWS Region where the devices were ordered.

Shipping a Snowcone Device

The prepaid shipping label contains the correct address to return the device. For information about how to return your Snowcone device, see Shipping Carriers. The Snowcone device is delivered to an AWS sorting facility and forwarded to the AWS data center. Package tracking is available through your region's carrier. You can track status changes for your job by using the AWS Snow Family Management Console.


Unless personally instructed otherwise by AWS, don't affix a separate shipping label to the Snowcone device. Always use the shipping label that is displayed on the device's E Ink display.