Returning the Snowcone Device - AWS Snowcone User Guide

Returning the Snowcone Device

When you've finished transferring data on to the Snowcone device, prepare it for its return trip to AWS. Before you continue, make sure that all data transfer to the device has stopped.

When all communication with the device has ended, simply turn it off by pressing the power button. It takes about 20 seconds for the device to shut down.

Disconnect the Snowcone Device

Disconnect the Snowcone cables. When the return shipping label appears on the E Ink display on top of the device, it's ready to be returned. To see who your region's carrier is, see Shipping Considerations for AWS Snowcone.

Job-Type Specific Consideration


If you are importing data, don't delete your local copies of the transferred data until the import to AWS is successful at the end of the process and you can verify the results of the data transfer.

For information about to ship the device, see Shipping Considerations for AWS Snowcone.