Step 1: Plan Your Job - AWS Snowball

This guide is in the process of being deprecated and will no longer be updated.


The first-generation 80 TB Snowball device is no longer available. Use the Snowball Edge storage optimized devices for all data transfer jobs. For Snowball Edge documentation, see the AWS Snowball Edge Developer Guide.

Step 1: Plan Your Job

The first step in creating a job is to determine the type of job you need and to start planning it using the AWS Snow Family Management Console.

To plan your job

  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console, and open the AWS Snow Family Management Console. If this is your first time creating a job in this AWS Region, you will see the AWS Snow Family page. Otherwise you will see the Plan your job page.

  2. On the AWS Snow Family page, choose Next step to open the Plan your job page.

  3. Depending on your use case, choose one of the following job types:

    • Import into Amazon S3 — Choose this option to have AWS ship an empty Snowball device to you. You connect the device to your local network and run the Snowball client. You copy data onto the device, ship it back to AWS, and your data is uploaded to AWS.

    • Local compute and storage only — Choose this option to perform compute and storage workloads on the device without transferring any data.

  4. Choose Next to continue.