Return the Device - AWS Snowball

This guide is in the process of being deprecated and will no longer be updated.

The first-generation 80 TB Snowball device is no longer available. Use the Snowball Edge storage optimized devices for all data transfer jobs. For Snowball Edge documentation, see the AWS Snowball Edge Developer Guide.

Return the Device

For information on returning a Snowball, see AWS Snowball Pickups in the EU, US, Canada, and Singapore.

The prepaid shipping label on the E Ink display contains the correct address to return the Snowball. For information on how to return your Snowball, see Shipping Carriers. The Snowball will be delivered to an AWS sorting facility and forwarded to the AWS data center. Your region's carrier will automatically report back a tracking number for your job to the AWS Snow Family Management Console. You can access that tracking number, and also a link to the tracking website, by viewing the job's status details in the console.


Unless personally instructed otherwise by AWS, never affix a separate shipping label to the Snowball. Always use the shipping label that is displayed on the Snowball's E Ink display.

When your region's carrier gets the Snowball, the status for the job becomes In transit to AWS. At this point, if your export job has more job parts, the next job part enters the Preparing Snowball status.

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