ListSubscriptionsByTopic - Amazon Simple Notification Service


Returns a list of the subscriptions to a specific topic. Each call returns a limited list of subscriptions, up to 100. If there are more subscriptions, a NextToken is also returned. Use the NextToken parameter in a new ListSubscriptionsByTopic call to get further results.

This action is throttled at 30 transactions per second (TPS).

Request Parameters

For information about the parameters that are common to all actions, see Common Parameters.


Token returned by the previous ListSubscriptionsByTopic request.

Type: String

Required: No


The ARN of the topic for which you wish to find subscriptions.

Type: String

Required: Yes

Response Elements

The following elements are returned by the service.


Token to pass along to the next ListSubscriptionsByTopic request. This element is returned if there are more subscriptions to retrieve.

Type: String


A list of subscriptions.

Type: Array of Subscription objects


For information about the errors that are common to all actions, see Common Errors.


Indicates that the user has been denied access to the requested resource.

HTTP Status Code: 403


Indicates an internal service error.

HTTP Status Code: 500


Indicates that a request parameter does not comply with the associated constraints.

HTTP Status Code: 400


Indicates that the requested resource does not exist.

HTTP Status Code: 404


The structure of AUTHPARAMS depends on the signature of the API request. For more information, see Examples of the complete Signature Version 4 signing process (Python) in the AWS General Reference.


This example illustrates one usage of ListSubscriptionsByTopic.

Sample Request &TopicArn=arn%3Aaws%3Asns%3Aus-east-2%3A123456789012%3AMy-Topic &Version=2010-03-31 &AUTHPARAMS

Sample Response

<ListSubscriptionsByTopicResponse xmlns=""> <ListSubscriptionsByTopicResult> <Subscriptions> <member> <TopicArn>arn:aws:sns:us-east-2:123456789012:My-Topic</TopicArn> <Protocol>email</Protocol> <SubscriptionArn>arn:aws:sns:us-east-2:123456789012:My-Topic:80289ba6-0fd4-4079-afb4-ce8c8260f0ca</SubscriptionArn> <Owner>123456789012</Owner> <Endpoint></Endpoint> </member> </Subscriptions> </ListSubscriptionsByTopicResult> <ResponseMetadata> <RequestId>b9275252-3774-11df-9540-99d0768312d3</RequestId> </ResponseMetadata> </ListSubscriptionsByTopicResponse>

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