Amazon Simple Notification Service
CLI Reference (API Version 2010-03-31)

General Options

The Amazon SNS CLI has been deprecated and is no longer supported. Please use the AWS Unified CLI or the AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell instead. To map the old SNS CLI commands to the AWS Unified CLI or PowerShell, see Migrating Amazon SNS CLI Commands to AWS CLI and PowerShell Commands.

Most commands described in this guide accept the set of optional parameters described in the following table.

Name Description


Location of the file with your AWS credentials.

-I, --access-key-id

The Access Key ID you want to use.

-S, --secret-key

The Secret Access Key associated with the Access Key ID you are using.


The connection timeout in seconds.

--show-table, --show-long, --show-xml, --quiet

Specifies how the results are displayed:

  • tabular (--show-table) shows a subset of the data in fixed column-width form

  • delimited (--show-long) shows all of the returned values delimited by a character

  • xml (--show-xml) shows the raw return from the service

  • no output (--quiet) suppresses all standard output

Default: --show-table

-H, --headers

If you are displaying tabular or delimited results, it includes the column headers. If you are showing XML results, it returns the HTTP headers from the service request, as applicable. This is disabled by default.


Defines the delimiter to use when displaying delimited (long) results.


Shows empty fields and rows, using a "(nil)" value. The default is to not show empty fields or columns.


Specifies the region value as the web service region to use.

-U, --url

This option overrides the URL for the service call with the value you provide.


Displays the URL the CLI used to call Amazon SNS.


If set, it enables support for self-signed certificates. Important: this option is not secure.


Turns on debug mode to display more verbose output.