Amazon Simple Notification Service
CLI Reference (API Version 2010-03-31)

Migrating Amazon SNS CLI Commands to AWS CLI and PowerShell Commands

The Amazon SNS CLI has been deprecated and is no longer supported. Please use the AWS Unified CLI or the AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell instead.

This topic lists the Amazon SNS CLI commands and the equivalent commands in the AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI) and in the AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell.

The AWS CLI is a cross-service CLI with a simplified installation, unified configuration, and consistent command line syntax between AWS services. The AWS CLI is supported on Linux/Unix, Windows, and Mac. It replaces the existing standalone Amazon SNS CLI. AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell provides a way to script AWS if you use Microsoft Windows PowerShell.

The existing Amazon SNS CLI continues to work, but it is not supported and it will not be updated with new features in the future.