Step 3: Confirm the subscription - Amazon Simple Notification Service

Step 3: Confirm the subscription

After you subscribe your endpoint, Amazon SNS will send a subscription confirmation message to the endpoint. You should already have code that performs the actions described in Step 1 deployed to your endpoint. Specifically, the code at the endpoint must retrieve the SubscribeURL value from the subscription confirmation message and either visit the location specified by SubscribeURL itself or make it available to you so that you can manually visit the SubscribeURL, for example, using a web browser. Amazon SNS will not send messages to the endpoint until the subscription has been confirmed. When you visit the SubscribeURL, the response will contain an XML document containing an element SubscriptionArn that specifies the ARN for the subscription. You can also use the Amazon SNS console to verify that the subscription is confirmed: The Subscription ID will display the ARN for the subscription instead of the PendingConfirmation value that you saw when you first added the subscription.