Amazon Simple Notification Service
Developer Guide (API Version 2010-03-31)

Step 3: Create a Baidu Cloud Push Project

When you create a Baidu cloud push project, you receive your app ID, API key, and secret key.

To create a Baidu cloud push project

  1. On the Baidu Portal, choose 更多 (More).

  2. Choose 百度开放云平台 (Baidu's Open Cloud Platform)

  3. On the next page, near the top right corner, choose 开发者服务 (Developer Services).

  4. Choose 云推送 (Cloud Push).

  5. Choose 管理控制台 (Management Console).

  6. Choose 管理控制台 (Management Console) to enter information for an Android project.

  7. Choose 创建工程 (Create Project).

  8. Enter an app name and then choose 创建 (Create).

  9. Upon successful completion of the project, you will then see a page similar to the following with your app ID, API Key, and Secret Key. Make note of the API key and secret key, as they will be needed later.