Amazon Simple Notification Service
Developer Guide (API Version 2010-03-31)

Step 4: Download and Install the Android Demo App from Baidu

Baidu generates an Android demo app that you can download and install to your mobile device.

To download and install the Android demo app from Baidu

  1. Starting from the page that displays the app ID, API Key, and Secret Key, choose 云推送 (Cloud Push)

  2. Choose 推送设置 (Push Settings)

  3. Using reverse domain name notation, enter a package name in the 应用包名 (App Package Name) box.

  4. Choose 保存设置 (Save Settings)

    You should then see the 保存成功!(Successfully saved!) message displayed.

  5. Next, choose 快速示例 (Quick Example).

    You should then see a page similar to the following:

  6. On the Android mobile device you want to test with, scan the QR code icon using a code scanner, such as QR Droid, to get a link to a demo app provided by Baidu.


    You can also download the demo app by chooseing 下载Android示例 (Download Android Sample)

    The Baidu Push Demo app is included in the downloaded package. You can use the demo app as an example for creating your own app to use with Baidu. In addition, the push service jar file (pushservice-4.0.0.jar) from Baidu is included in the package. You must use the jar file from Baidu in order to create a new app.

  7. Choose the link you receive after scanning the scan code. This will download the demo app provided by Baidu onto your mobile device.

  8. After the download has completed, install the demo app onto your mobile device. You should then see the following Push Demo app installed: