Sender IDs - Amazon Simple Notification Service

Sender IDs

A sender ID is an alphabetic name that identifies the sender of an SMS message. When you send an SMS message using a sender ID, and the recipient is in an area where sender ID authentication is supported, your sender ID appears on the recipient’s device instead of a phone number. A sender ID provides SMS recipients with more information about the sender than a phone number, long code, or short code provides.


AWS prohibits SMS SMS spoofing, where the sender ID is used to impersonate another person, company, or product. Only use a sender ID that represents a brand or trademark that you own.

There's no additional charge for using sender IDs. However, support and requirements for sender ID authentication varies. Several major markets (including Canada, China, and the United States) don't support using sender IDs. Some areas require that companies who send SMS messages to individual customers must use a sender ID that's pre-registered with a regulatory agency or industry group.