Viewing SMS delivery statistics - Amazon Simple Notification Service

Viewing SMS delivery statistics

You can use the Amazon SNS console to view statistics about your recent SMS deliveries.

  1. Sign in to the Amazon SNS console.

  2. In the console menu, set the region selector to a region that supports SMS messaging.

  3. On the navigation panel, choose Text messaging (SMS).

  4. On the Text messaging (SMS) page, in the Account stats section, view the charts for your transactional and promotional SMS message deliveries. Each chart shows the following data for the preceding 15 days:

    • Delivery rate (percentage of successful deliveries)

    • Sent (number of delivery attempts)

    • Failed (number of delivery failures)

On this page, you can also choose the Usage button to go to the Amazon S3 bucket where you store your daily usage reports. For more information, see Viewing daily SMS usage reports.