Associating a long code with a 10DLC campaign - Amazon Simple Notification Service

Associating a long code with a 10DLC campaign

If you have an existing long code, you can associate that long code with one of your current 10DLC campaigns by filing a support request. The long code you associate with the 10DLC campaign can only be used with that campaign and can't be used for any other 10DLC campaign. While your long code is being migrated to 10DLC you'll still be able to use it. Until it's approved, however, you won't be able to use it for any 10DLC campaign.

When filing the request, you'll need:

  • The long codes to associate with a 10DLC campaign

  • The 10DLC campaign ID to associate with the long code


Before you can associate any long codes with a campaign, you need to have that 10DLC campaign registered. If you have not yet created and registered a 10DLC campaign, see Registering a 10DLC campaign.

To assign a long code to 10DLC
  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the Amazon Pinpoint console at

  2. Under Settings, and then under SMS and voice, choose the Phone numbers tab.

  3. Choose the long code that you want to convert to a 10DLC.

  4. To open Support Center, choose Assign to 10DLC campaign.

  5. For the case type, choose Service limit increase.

  6. For Limit type, choose Pinpoint.

  7. In the Requests section, choose the Region, and then for the Limit, choose 10 DLC - Associate existing US long code to 10DLC campaign.

  8. Under Case description, for Use case description, be sure to include the 10DLC campaign ID and the long code numbers you want to associate that campaign. You can include multiple long codes in the request, but you should include only one campaign ID.

  9. Under Contact options, for Preferred contact language, choose the language that you prefer to use when communicating with the AWS Support team.

  10. For Contact method, choose your preferred method of communicating with the AWS Support team.

  11. Choose Submit.