Moving out of the SMS sandbox - Amazon Simple Notification Service

Moving out of the SMS sandbox

Moving your AWS account out of the SMS sandbox requires that you first add, verify, and test destination phone numbers. Then, you must create a case with AWS Support.

To request that your AWS account is moved out of the SMS sandbox

  1. While your AWS account is in the SMS sandbox, add and verify one or more destination phone numbers.

  2. Confirm that you can publish and receive messages to at least one verified destination phone number.

    For instructions on publishing SMS messages to one or more phone numbers, see Publishing to a mobile phone.

  3. On the Amazon SNS console's Mobile text messaging (SMS) page, under Account information, choose Exit SMS sandbox.

    The Amazon Support Center opens and creates a case, with the Service limit increase option already selected.

  4. Under Case details, do the following:

    1. For Limit type, choose SNS Text Messaging.

    2. (Optional) Provide a link to the site or the name of the app that you plan to send SMS messages from.

    3. (Optional) Choose the type of messages that you plan to send: One Time Password, Promotional, or Transactional.

    4. (Optional) Choose the AWS Region that you plan to send SMS messages from.

    5. (Optional) Provide the countries or regions that you plan to send SMS messages to.

    6. (Optional) Provide a description of how your customers opt-in to receive messages from you.

    7. (Optional) Provide any message templates that you plan to use.

  5. Under Requests, do the following:

    1. For Region, choose the AWS Region where you want to move your AWS account out of the SMS sandbox.

    2. For Resource Type, choose General Limits.

    3. For Limit, choose Exit SMS Sandbox.

    4. (Optional) To make additional requests, such as a limit increase, choose Add another request. Then, choose the options for your request.

    5. For New limit value, choose a limit value (in USD).

  6. (Optional) Under Case description, enter any additional relevant use case details about your request.

  7. Under Contact options, choose your Preferred contact language.

  8. Choose Submit.

The AWS Support team provides an initial response to your request within 24 hours.

To prevent our systems from being used to send unsolicited or malicious content, we consider each request carefully. If we can, we will grant your request within this 24-hour period. However, if we need additional information from you, it might take longer to resolve your request.

If your use case doesn't align with our policies, we might be unable to grant your request.