Solution Components - AI-Powered Health Data Masking

Solution Components

API Interface

AI-Powered Health Data Masking uses Amazon API Gateway with AWS Lambda proxy to mask health data. By default, access to the API is governed by AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM). However, the solution does not automatically create an IAM policy, role, group, or user to access the API. For information on creating an IAM policy to access the API, see Step 2.

AWS AI Services

AI-Powered Health Data Masking uses Amazon Rekognition to detect text in a medical image and Amazon Comprehend Medical to identify health data in text. Both of these artificial intelligence (AI) services do not require you to use any infrastructure, but are accessed using API calls which can be governed by IAM. Additionally, AWS Lambda accesses these two services using IAM roles scoped to the specific API actions. For more information, see Authorization and Authentication.