Solution components - AI Powered Speech Analytics for Amazon Connect

Solution components

Live Media Streaming Feature

This solution uses the Amazon Connect live media streaming feature to capture the customer audio during an interaction with your contact center by sending the audio to an Amazon Kinesis video stream.

Web UI for Amazon Connect agents

This solution provides a sample web UI for Amazon Connect agents to answer calls and receive transcripts, translations, and call sentiment analysis. You can create and manage agents using the User Management section of the Amazon Connect portal.

You can control the behavior of this solution using the Amazon Connect contact flow attributes. For more information about how these attributes are set in the sample contact flow, refer to Controlling the solution’s behavior.

Contact flows

Customer calls to be recorded, transcribed, and translated must be routed to this solution through appropriately configured Amazon Connect contact flows. Contact flows must be configured to start media streaming, invoke the initContactDetails and kvsConsumerTrigger AWS Lambda functions, and store the AWS Security Token Service (AWS STS) tokens in contact attributes. For more information, refer to Step 2 in the Automated deployment section.