Appendix B: Update the Event Scoring Model after Deployment - Amazon Personalize Optimizer Using Amazon Pinpoint Events

Appendix B: Update the Event Scoring Model after Deployment

During deployment of the AWS CloudFormation template, two parameters, Pinpoint Event Types and Pinpoint Event Type Interaction Values, are specified that builds an interaction event scoring model. These values correspond to the Amazon Personalize interaction dataset schema attributes EVENT_TYPE and EVENT_VALUE respectively. These AWS CloudFormation template parameters are converted to a values.csv file and stored in an Amazon S3 bucket. The CSV file is used in the Amazon Athena query that generates the Amazon Personalize interactions.

The following example values.csv file shows sample values.

EVENT_TYPE,EVENT_VALUE _campaign.opened_notification,100,50,100 _email.unsubscribe,-200

After deployment, you may have business rule changes requiring an update to this event scoring model, including new event types or updates to event values. Modify the values.csv file. To locate the values.csv file, take the following steps.

  1. Navigate to the AWS CloudFormation console.

  2. On the Stacks page, choose the stack created for this solution.

  3. On the stack details page, choose the Outputs tab and, under the KeyKey column, locate PathToScoringModel. This key identifies the path to the S3 bucket that stores the values.csv file.

Modify this file to add new events generated by Amazon Pinpoint (including events sent to Amazon Pinpoint using the Events API) and update event values.


You can add or remove rows and change the values of the existing rows. However, you cannot add or remove columns.