Troubleshooting - Amazon Virtual Andon


Common errors

Access denied

If you receive an access denied error with a 307-redirect to the Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) bucket URL in a non-US Region, verify that the web interface is accessed using only Amazon CloudFront. For more information, refer to Temporary Request Redirection in the Amazon Simple Storage Service Developer Guide and the article about Access Denied errors in the AWS Premium Support Knowledge Center.

<Error> <Code>AccessDenied</Code> <Message>Access Denied</Message> <RequestId>0190E0B4E385D7D5</RequestId> <HostId> csOENhmQLVyCEKxVzBuTd0aLaMM0fY8IROZ5rmijF2Tbu3EU85gGPQjrI9VSWnmQAMhtggKvxmFI= </HostId> </Error>


Wait for the DNS entries to propagate.

A user cannot access the web interface

After the solution administrator creates the user and the user is added to the Amazon Cognito user pool, the user receives an email message with the sign in information. If sign in is successful but the menu options Client, Sites, or Observer are not shown, they may not have been assigned to a group.


There are two resolutions:

  1. An AWS account administrator must navigate to the Amazon Cognito user pool and assign the user the required permissions and assign the user to the correct groups.

  2. The solution administrator can edit the user profile in the web interface and select the appropriate group(s) for the user.

User permission issue

If a user is assigned to the Associate Group only, the user must have permissions to access events on the Client page. However, if the permission was not set correctly, the user will not be able to view any events. In this case, the solution administrator must verify whether the correct permission was provided to the user.


Verify that the user is assigned to the Associate Group. In addition, verify that a site contains the required details including areas, processes, stations, and devices. If any type of information is missing, users in the Associate Group cannot view events.

The solution’s web interface does not support your web browser language as the default language

Starting with version 2.1, the Amazon Virtual Andon solution supports seven languages: German, English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, and simplified Chinese. If you keep your browser default set to the DefaultLanguage parameter when you launch the solution, it detects the web browser’s language. However, if your web browser’s language is not supported, the default web interface language is set to English.