Contact AWS Support - Application Monitoring with Amazon CloudWatch

Contact AWS Support

If you have AWS Developer Support, AWS Business Support, or AWS Enterprise Support, you can use the Support Center to get expert assistance with this solution. The following sections provide instructions.

Create case

  1. Sign in to Support Center.

  2. Choose Create case.

How can we help?

  1. Choose Technical.

  2. For Service, select Solutions.

  3. For Category, select Other Solutions.

  4. For Severity, select the option that best matches your use case.

  5. When you enter the Service, Category, and Severity, the interface populates links to common troubleshooting questions. If you can’t resolve your question with these links, choose Next step: Additional information.

Additional information

  1. For Subject, enter text summarizing your question or issue.

  2. For Description, describe the issue in detail.

  3. Choose Attach files.

  4. Attach the information that AWS Support needs to process the request.

Help us resolve your case faster

  1. Enter the requested information.

  2. Choose Next step: Solve now or contact us.

Solve now or contact us

  1. Review the Solve now solutions.

  2. If you can’t resolve your issue with these solutions, choose Contact us, enter the requested information, and choose Submit.