Step 3: Onboard your Apache EC2 instances (optional) - Application Monitoring with Amazon CloudWatch

Step 3: Onboard your Apache EC2 instances (optional)

Steps 1 and 2 covered how to deploy a demo web server and monitor the workload on a CloudWatch dashboard. To start using this solution for your own use cases, you will need to onboard your EC2 instances on the Amazon CloudWatch dashboard.

To onboard your instances on the dashboard, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that the appropriate logs and metrics are sent to Amazon CloudWatch from your EC2 instance(s). For more information on how to send logs and metrics, refer to Configuring your Apache EC2 instance, Configuring your NGINX EC2 instance, or Configuring your Puma instance.

  2. After configuring your EC2 instances, tag your instances with the same tag you provided in the <workload> tagging schema parameter. You can add or remove instances from the dashboard by adding or removing the tag from your instances. For more information, refer to Add or remove EC2 tag.