Update the solution - Application Monitoring with Amazon CloudWatch

Update the solution

If you have previously deployed the solution, follow this procedure to update the CloudWatch Monitoring on AWS CloudFormation stack to get the latest version of the solution’s framework.

  1. Sign in to the AWS CloudFormation console, select your existing amazon-cloudwatch-monitoring-framework CloudFormation stack, and select Update.

  2. Select Replace current template.

  3. Under Specify template:

    1. Select Amazon S3 URL.

    2. Copy the link of the latest template.

    3. Paste the link in the Amazon S3 URL box.

    4. Verify that the correct template URL shows in the Amazon S3 URL text box, and choose Next. Choose Next again.

  4. Under Parameters, review the parameters for the template and modify them as necessary. Refer to Step 1. Launch the Stack for details about the parameters.

  5. Choose Next.

  6. On the Configure stack options page, choose Next.

  7. On the Review page, review and confirm the settings. Check the box acknowledging that the template might create IAM resources.

  8. Choose View change set and verify the changes.

  9. Choose Update stack to deploy the stack.

You can view the status of the stack in the AWS CloudFormation console in the Status column. You should see a status of UPDATE_COMPLETE in approximately five minutes.