Solution Components - Auto Check-In App

Solution Components

Solution API

The Auto Check-In App configures Amazon API Gateway to host the solution’s RESTful API. Operators can interact with data securely through the included UI and RESTful API. The API acts as a “front door” for access to data stored in Amazon DynamoDB. You can also use the APIs to access any extended functionality you build into the solution.

This solution takes advantage of the user authentication features of Amazon Cognito User Pools to manage operators of the solution. After successfully authenticating an operator, Amazon Cognito issues a JSON web token that is used to allow the console to submit requests to the solution’s APIs (Amazon API Gateway endpoints). HTTPS requests are sent to the APIs with the authorization header that includes the token.

Based on the request, Amazon API Gateway invokes the appropriate AWS Lambda function to perform the necessary tasks on the data stored in the DynamoDB tables.

Amazon CloudWatch Dashboard

This solution provides an optional dashboard you can use to monitor the performance of your deployment. The dashboard displays custom operational Amazon CloudWatch metrics for your deployment, including the Amazon Rekognition response time and success count, the Amazon DynamoDB successful request latency, and the Amazon API Gateway latency.

        Amazon CloudWatch dashboard

Figure 2: Amazon CloudWatch dashboard