Set up your AWS accounts using automated operational processes in an efficient, error-free, standardized, and consistent way - Automated Account Configuration

Set up your AWS accounts using automated operational processes in an efficient, error-free, standardized, and consistent way

Publication date: October 2021 (last update: December 2021)

When you create new AWS accounts, standard operational processes must be manually set up, including backup and patching services. Manual set up of these processes can take time, be prone to human errors, and result in inconsistent standards being established between accounts. The Automated Account Configuration solution helps you automate these operational processes, providing a standardized and consistent way to ensure that your AWS accounts are set up properly and with the necessary resources to meet your business and production needs.

This solution configures and deploys the following business critical services:

  • AWS Backup to centrally manage the backups of AWS services including Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud Console (Amazon EC2) instances, Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS), and Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS).

  • AWS Systems Manager Patch Manager to automate the patching of managed instances such as EC2 instances.

This solution can be extended to add additional operational processes, including set up and maintenance updates for AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) roles and AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS). You can use this solution as a template or framework to set up the operational tasks that are essential to your organization.

This solution offers the following key features:

  • An automated process to install core operational capabilities including backup and patching in all AWS accounts.

  • A customizable configuration file that lets you control and manage the operational services that you want deployed in your AWS accounts.

  • Supports AWS Managed Services (AMS) accounts, creating the request for change forms.

  • The ability to extend the solution by adding additional configuration steps to meet your business requirements.

This implementation guide discusses architectural considerations and configuration steps for deploying Automated Account Configuration in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud. It includes links to a set of AWS CloudFormation templates that launch and configure the AWS services required to deploy this solution using AWS best practices for security and availability.

This solution is intended for cloud architects, operations engineers, and DevOps teams requiring an automated process that consistently builds and prepares AWS accounts for production use.