Overview - AWS CloudEndure Migration Factory Solution


The AWS CloudEndure Migration Factory Solution is designed to coordinate and automate manual processes for larger scaled migrations involving a substantial number of servers. This solution helps enterprises improve performance and prevents long cutover windows by providing an orchestration platform powered by CloudEndure Migration for rehosting servers to AWS at scale. AWS Professional Services, AWS Partners, and other enterprises have already used this solution to help customers migrate thousands of servers to the AWS Cloud. CloudEndure Migration simplifies, expedites, and reduces the cost of cloud migration by offering a highly automated lift-and-shift solution.

This solution helps you to:

  • Integrate the many different types of tools that support migration, such as discovery tools, migration tools, and configuration management database (CMDB) tools

  • Rehost migrations that involve many small, manual tasks, which take time to run and are slow and hard to scale

For a complete end-to-end deployment guide using this solution, refer to Automating large-scale server migrations with CloudEndure Migration Factory in the AWS Prescriptive Guidance CloudEndure Migration Factory Guide.


You are responsible for the cost of the AWS services used while running this solution. As of February 2021, the estimated cost for running this solution with default settings in the US East (N. Virginia) Region and assuming that you are migrating 200 servers a month with this solution is approximately $5.83 per month. The cost for running this solution depends on the amount of data being loaded, requested, stored, processed, and presented as shown in the following table.

AWS service Factors Cost (per month)

Amazon ECS

15 mins x 2 vCPU x $0.04 / vCPU per hour


Amazon API Gateway

10,000 requests / month x ($3.50 / million)


AWS Lambda

10,000 invocations / month

(avg 3,000 ms duration and 128 MB memory)


Amazon DynamoDB

20,000 write requests / month x ($1.25 / million)

40,000 read requests / month x ($0.25 / million)

Data storage: 1 GB x $0.25


Amazon S3 Storage (10MB) & 50,000 get requests / month $0.25
Amazon CloudFront

Regional data transfer out to internet: first 10 TB

Regional data transfer out to origin: all data transfer

HTTPS Requests:

50,000 requests / month X ($0.01/10,000 requests)

Amazon Cognito 20 user x ($0.0055 / monthly active users (MAUs)) $0.11
AWS Glue 2 mins daily x Default 10 DPU x $0.44 per DPU-Hour $4.40
Amazon Athena 10MB daily x $5.00 per TB of data scanned $0.0015


~$5.83 / month

Prices are subject to change. For full details, refer to the pricing webpage for each AWS service you will be using in this solution.