Customizing the solution - AWS Content Analysis

Customizing the solution

The AWS Content Analysis solution is a reference application for the Media Insights Engine (MIE) solution. For more information about how this solution can be customized to suit your needs, refer to the file on the MIE GitHub repository.

You can use this solution as an API for your own front-end application using the following API documentation. The web application included with this solution also displays API details for various user actions, as shown in Figure 12.

      In app API references

Figure 12: In app API references

API documentation

  • Run workflow:

    POST https://{ WorkflowApiEndpoint }/api/workflow/execution
  • Retrieve the workflow run status:

    GET https://{ WorkflowApiEndpoint }/api/metadata/{asset_id}
  • List video assets:

    GET https://{ DataplaneApiEndpoint }/api/metadata/
  • Get asset metadata:

    GET https://{ DataplaneApiEndpoint }/api/metadata/{ asset_id }

For more information about the API, refer to the Media Insights Engine GitHub repository.

AWS CloudFormation outputs

Most of the reusable resources that make up the core of this solution are included as outputs to the AWS CloudFormation stack. You will likely need to understand what these are in order to customize this solution to suit your own needs. The stack outputs are described below:

  • DataplaneApiEndpoint: The endpoint for accessing the data plane APIs to create, update, delete, and retrieve media assets.

  • DataplaneBucket: The Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) bucket used to store derived media (derived assets) and raw analysis metadata created by the AWS Content Analysis workflows.

  • OpenSearchEndpoint: The endpoint of the Amazon OpenSearch Service (successor to Amazon Elasticsearch Service) cluster used to store analysis metadata for search.

  • WorkflowApiEndpoint: The endpoint for accessing the workflow APIs to create, update, delete, and run the solution workflows.