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Solution components

Amazon EC2

The Amazon EC2 G4 GPU instance family used in this solution provides the latest generation NVIDIA T4 Tensor Core GPU, AWS custom Intel Cascade Lake CPUs, up to 100 Gbps of networking throughput, and up to 1.8 TB of local NVME storage. These instances are well-suited for streaming graphics-intensive applications that rely on NVIDIA GPU libraries such as CUDA.


Using Teradici’s PC-over-IP (PCoIP) technology, you can modify content by connecting to a remote workstation, instead of transferring large files to a local machine. The Teradici client runs on your desktop or laptop and gives access to an EC2 G4dn instance.

We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with Cloud Access Software from Teradici that runs on the EC2 instance and serves up the PCoIP protocol.

Amazon FSx for Windows File Server

Amazon FSx for Windows File Server provides fully managed, highly reliable, and scalable file storage that is accessible over the industry-standard Server Message Block (SMB) protocol. It delivers a wide range of administrative features such as user quotas, end-user file restore, and Microsoft Active Directory (AD) integration. It also offers single-AZ and multi-AZ deployment options, fully managed backups, and encryption of data at rest and in transit.