Design considerations - AWS Perspective

Design considerations

Create dedicated deployment account

We recommend that you deploy AWS Perspective into a dedicated AWS account created specifically for this solution. This approach means AWS Perspective is isolated from your existing workloads and provides a single location for configuring the solution, such as adding users and importing new Regions. It is also easier to track the costs incurred while running the solution.

Once AWS Perspective is deployed, you can then import Regions from any accounts you already have provisioned.

Supported deployment Regions

The following table lists the supported AWS Regions for AWS Perspective.

Region ID Region Name
us-east-1 US East (N. Virginia)
us-east-2 US East (Ohio)
us-west-2 US West (Oregon)
ap-south-1 Asia Pacific (Mumbai)*
ap-northeast-2 Asia Pacific (Seoul)
ap-southeast-1 Asia Pacific (Singapore)
ap-southeast-2 Asia Pacific (Sydney)
ap-northeast-1 Asia Pacific (Tokyo)
ca-central-1 Canada (Central)
eu-west-2 Europe (London)
eu-central-1 Europe (Frankfurt)
eu-west-1 Europe (Ireland)
eu-west-3 Europe (Paris)**
eu-north-1 Europe (Stockholm)
sa-east-1 South America (São Paulo)

* During deployment, for the OpensearchInstanceType parameter, select c6g.large.elasticsearch.

** During deployment, for the OpensearchInstanceType parameter, select m5.large.elasticsearch.